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Mar 05 2018

Salesforce Expands Health Cloud with New Innovations to Transform Care Management and Patient Engagement

New Health Cloud Care Gaps enables providers to monitor a patient’s adherence to a care plan and proactively fill gaps to keep treatments on track

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Sep 06 2017

Streamlining Surgery

Jeffrey Robbins, President and CEO, LiveData

LiveData is leveraging software and data to deliver high-quality patient care

Patient flow and care management within the perioperative environment is a precise juggling act for every surgical case – people, places, and things. One ball dropped can lead to cascading delays, staff overtime, or even mistakes that impair the outcomes. Layering an automated workflow process onto surgical patient care reduces variability and standardizes care quality by enabling coordinated teams and workflow predictability. 

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May 26 2017

Cultivating a culture of safety

Susan Cantrell

Communication and technology working together to reduce Never Events

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the National Quality’s Forum list of Never Events consists of 29 events grouped into 6 categories: surgical, product or device, patient protection, care management, environmental, radiologic, and criminal. Among the most common Never Events are unintended retention of a foreign body; wrong-patient, wrong-site, wrong-procedure; fall; operative/postoperative complication; and medication error.

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