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LiveData PreOp Board™

LiveData PreOp Board™ displays information about patients being prepared for surgery. It offers insights into the procedure the patient will undergo and the staff performing it. PreOp Board also provides information about operating room readiness and milestones the patient needs to complete during preoperative care.

This solution enables staff to gain more situational awareness and complete necessary prerequisites so that patients and operating rooms are fully prepared for surgery. It also clearly displays remaining milestones so preop teams can ensure safety and on-time starts. You can learn more about how PreOp Board can enhance your preoperative procedures.


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LiveData Family Waiting Board™

LiveData Family Waiting Board™ is a HIPAA-compliant display mounted on the wall in public areas. It is designed to help families and caregivers track the surgical progress of their loved ones. Families receive an identification code they can watch on the monitor to see automatic, reliable updates about where their loved one is on their surgical journey.

Family Waiting Board eases stress for waiting families by giving them visual updates on patient progress. It also allows staff to focus on patient needs and answer more in-depth questions from family members. See how Family Waiting Board can increase patient, family, and staff satisfaction.

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LiveData OR-Schedule Board™

LiveData OR-Schedule Board™ enables OR managers to adjust schedules while keeping clinical staff informed and prepared. Interactive drag-and-drop tools make arranging cases easy as cancellations occur and scheduling needs change. The board displays a real-time view of surgical cases with automatic updates as schedules shift.

OR-Schedule Board allows OR managers to optimize surgical workflow via resource and OR utilization while informing perioperative teams. Discover the ways OR-Schedule Board can transform communication throughout your perioperative suite.

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LiveData OR-Dashboard™ With Active Time Out®

LiveData OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time Out® provides a real-time view of surgical cases throughout the procedure. It displays biometric data captured during the surgery so that surgical teams can be aware of milestones and patient progress. Active Time Out places surgical safety checklists on the board, enabling teams to work through them thoroughly and correctly in every case.

OR-Dashboard comes with a handheld clicker that allows for untethered real-time capture of milestones and recording of surgical safety checklist completion. With surgical teams on the same page, organizations can increase surgical efficiency, the quality of patient care, and communication. Read more about capabilities available with OR-Dashboard with Active Time Out.

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Here's what our clients are saying

“A tried-but-true management adage is that you cannot improve what you don't measure. Real-time data and automated analytics give us the tools we need to learn more about our processes so that we can continually improve our services."

Associate Chief of Staff for Perioperative Services and Chief of Surgery

VA Medical Center

"This product is a unique and essential element in achieving the desired improvements in team communication, workflow, and patient safety. Providing notifications are procedures to ensure compliance with best practices, OR-Dashboard is a dramatically easier and more accurate way to meet SCIP and joint Commission protocols for time out and other patient safety procedures."

Chairman of the Department of Surgery

Community Hospital

"Effective team communication and real-time access to patient data are important functions in operating rooms. Adding new technology to our existing resources that will keep everyone on the same page will be an invaluable asset."

Associate Executive Director

Academic Medical Center

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