How Patient Flow Operates as a Patient Flow Management System

Patient Flow integrates patient information into the automated perioperative workflow, sharing data with other LiveData display boards, such as:

  • LiveData PreOp Board: Patient Flow populates PreOp Board with vital information about a patient's readiness for surgery. Staff can clearly see any remaining prerequisites, enabling them to prepare patients for safe surgery fully.
  • LiveData Family Waiting Board: Patient Flow generates a HIPAA-compliant identification code families and caregivers can use to track their loved one's surgical progress. Wall-mounted monitors in waiting rooms allow family members to see real-time updates from Patient Flow.
  • LiveData OR-Schedule Board™: This system enables perioperative teams to track patient progress and case schedules on OR-Schedule Board. OR managers can easily adjust schedules and resources, keeping teams updated and streamlining patient progress and care.


How Patient Flow Benefits Hospital Stakeholders

With real-time status updates throughout each patient's surgical experience, hospital teams, and families can easily track patient progress and experience greater confidence. Information is securely and accurately shared throughout the entire perioperative suite to ensure everyone is adequately informed and focused on providing quality patient care.

Patient Flow benefits stakeholders such as:

  • Clinical staff: This solution updates staff about completed tasks and what still needs to be done to move patients through the perioperative process as seamlessly as possible.
  • OR teams: Team members can share and track patient status to improve on-time starts, surgical workflow efficiency, compliance, patient safety, and communication.
  • Families: Real-time updates about patient progress bring family members peace of mind throughout their loved one's surgical journey. 
  • Surgeons: Accessible patient and schedule status information from OR-Schedule Board helps surgeons be more efficient.

Why Choose LiveData to Optimize Your Hospital's Patient Flow

LiveData's cloud-based, real-time capacity optimization solution has been used in over a million surgeries at leading surgical institutions, enabling perioperative teams nationwide to reduce cancellations and delays and improve KPIs such as OR utilization, first-case on-time starts, and case scheduling accuracy. Increased transparency leads to better communication and workflow efficiency within the perioperative suite.

Our capacity optimization solutions empower hospitals and clinicians to complete more surgical cases per day with the same staff and resources. The resulting resource, staff, and OR optimization leads to revenue increases while still enabling perioperative teams to maintain compliance and patient safety.

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