What Is Family Waiting Board?

Family Waiting Board is one of Livedata's  digital display boards. It is positioned in the waiting room so that family members may receive updates on their loved one's status as the patient moves through the perioperative process. The display is HIPAA-compliant to ensure patient privacy while still providing essential information to those in the waiting room. 

When patients arrive, they receive an identification code family members can track on the display. Family Waiting Board automatically updates, providing reliable and visual real-time patient status information. 

How Family Waiting Board Benefits Families

This display offers several benefits to family members and caregivers, including:

  • Greater peace of mind: A waiting room status board creates a relaxing, communication-focused atmosphere.
  • Better insight: A display board helps family members better understand how their loved one is progressing through their surgery with minimal interruption to staff workflow.
  • Deeper understanding: With the display board providing basic information, families can work with clinicians and volunteers on complex concerns or questions.
family waiting board2

How Family Waiting Board Benefits Staff

Family Waiting Board gives families valuable information about their loved one's progress through the perioperative continuum of care. Since families receive important status updates through Family Waiting Board and Mobile Messenger, teams can focus more on ensuring patient comfort, health, and satisfaction.

Why Choose LiveData?

We have worked with several leading surgical institutions to create effective scheduling workflow solutions that benefit perioperative processes, staff members, and patients. You can trust us to understand your organization's unique complexities and meet your surgical operational demands.

Family Waiting Board works within LiveData PeriOp Manager™ to help streamline your processes and improve communication. Our scheduling workflow solutions enhance patient and staff satisfaction, increase your bottom line, improve efficiency, and offer greater scheduling success within the perioperative suite.

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