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LiveData PeriOp Manager™ is a robust, cloud-based logistic solution that integrates with your electronic health record (EHR) to plan, coordinate, and analyze your surgery processes.


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LiveData's powerful scheduling tools provide clinic schedulers with curated access to the hospital’s surgical schedule to uncover hidden opportunities for new cases while preserving the hospital scheduler as the final authority.

Our surgical scheduling guides patients through surgery preparation and helps:

  • Maximize utilization and efficiency
  • Uncover opportunities to schedule more cases
  • Confidently schedule cases
  • Avoid cancellations and delays
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Continually updated displays track patients through their perioperative journey, from check-in to discharge.

These display boards help clinical teams track and view patient progress, manage safety checklists, and provide a dynamic, real-time view of the day’s surgical caseload, enabling the perioperative team to optimize workflows with insights on operating room status and outstanding tasks.

HIPAA-compliant display boards and SMS text messages also help family members monitor progress and find reassurance while in the waiting area.



LiveData PeriOp Manager Analytics™ captures operational data and generates actionable insights, enabling continuous improvement and compliance.

Clinicians and administrators can uncover past and near-real-time issues to identify planning improvement opportunities.

Our scheduling workflow application uses visualization tools to allow quick analysis of the entire process.

Here's what our clients are saying

“A tried-but-true management adage is that you cannot improve what you don't measure. Real-time data and automated analytics give us the tools we need to learn more about our processes so that we can continually improve our services."

Associate Chief of Staff for Perioperative Services and Chief of Surgery

VA Medical Center

"This product is a unique and essential element in achieving the desired improvements in team communication, workflow, and patient safety. Providing notifications are procedures to ensure compliance with best practices, OR-Dashboard is a dramatically easier and more accurate way to meet SCIP and joint Commission protocols for time out and other patient safety procedures."

Chairman of the Department of Surgery

Community Hospital

"Effective team communication and real-time access to patient data are important functions in operating rooms. Adding new technology to our existing resources that will keep everyone on the same page will be an invaluable asset."

Associate Executive Director

Academic Medical Center

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Centralized Surgery Scheduling and Management


Our scheduling workflow solutions improve processes and organization throughout the surgical journey. We designed them to integrate with your EHR to address common perioperative concerns, from situational awareness and staff satisfaction to accurate data collection. With the right perioperative scheduling workflow solution, you can turn your system of record into a system of engagement.

Access to real-time data about your perioperative scheduling workflows offers advantages such as:


Enhanced efficiency

Our scheduling workflow solution optimizes processes to help you experience smooth operations with better transparency into staff actions, patient journeys, and available resources.


Improved communication

With facility-wide coordination and consistent communication, clinical staff can take proactive instead of reactive approaches to perioperative scheduling workflows. Intuitive dashboards and displays facilitate operational organization that keeps staff on the same page.


Increased financial growth

Leverage our surgical workflow solution to improve capacity and accommodate more cases. High-performance teams can complete more surgeries with the same staff and resources, resulting in lower operating costs and increased revenue.


Greater satisfaction

Our scheduling workflow solution enables you to improve efficiency while maintaining high-quality patient care. With smoother, more organized scheduling processes, staff will experience decreased burnout and greater satisfaction.

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