How LiveData Helps with Operating Room Scheduling

LiveData PeriOp Manager™ is a comprehensive perioperative workflow solution that enables hospital teams to manage perioperative workflows for optimal OR utilization and patient safety. It integrates with electronic health records (EHRs) and hospital information systems to automate and optimize perioperative workflows.

LiveData PeriOp Manager adopts a number of number of hardware and software modules including real-time data displays to approach the challenge of OR capacity optimization. Those modules include:

  • PeriOp Planner™:  Improves scheduling workflows by providing clinic schedulers with a curated, real-time view of the hospital's current surgical schedule to reveal opportunities in which to schedule cases.
  • Patient Flow™ and Family Waiting Board™/ Mobile Messenger: Integrates the patient check-in and check-out process into the automated perioperative workflow, enabling patient status and location to be tracked and viewed by clinical teams. A wall-mounted monitor in the waiting area–as well as opt-in text messaging–keeps the patient’s family up-to-date.
  • PreOp BoardOffers an operational view of patients being prepared for surgery, including operating room readiness.  PreOp Board displays patient/procedure/staff and operating room status and patient preoperative care milestones for each case.
  • OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time Out®: Integrates patient information from the EHR, anesthesia systems, and physiological monitoring devices. OR-Dashboard provides a continuously updated, real-time view of the surgical case from OR setup through the surgical procedure to OR clean. A handheld clicker enables:
    • Untethered real-time capture of milestones
    • A patent-pending electronic surgical safety checklist recognized by the Joint Commission as a best practice.
  • OR-Schedule Board™Provides a dynamic real-time view of the day’s surgical caseload and displays case start and end times throughout the day using real-time case workflow monitoring. 
  • PeriOp Manager Analytics™:  PeriOp Manager Analytics automatically collects and organizes detailed real-time data from PeriOp Planner and display boards to enable clinicians and administrators to uncover, identify, and target opportunities to improve performance.

The Benefits of LiveData's Solutions for Hospital Capacity Management

LiveData provides scheduling workflow solutions that enhance perioperative efficiency. LiveData's solutions can empower organizations to maximize their OR capacity, helping them complete more surgeries per day with the same staff and resources.

Choosing LiveData to improve your perioperative preformance enables you to experience benefits such as:

  • Increased data accuracy: PeriOp Manager ensures data integrity since it automatically shares information between modules and reduces double documentation. The resulting accuracy enables you to trust the data that tells you exactly where to improve.
  • Simplified analysis: Your organization can make more data-driven decisions with LiveData's solutions, which offer clear, concise, and accessible analytics. PeriOp Manager Analytics delivers timely results and eliminates time-consuming manual processes.
  • Improved financial performance: PeriOp Manager enhances perioperative workflows so your organization can grow case volumes, create capacity,  and improve OR utilization. Maximized operational efficiency, reduced equipment and staffing needs, and smoother patient experiences will generate more revenue.
  • Enhanced satisfaction: Helping surgeons find hidden opportunities in which to schedule cases improves both in- and out-of-block utilization. Patients will also benefit from reduced wait times, more focused care, and safer procedures.

Choose LiveData for Optimizing Operating Room Capacity

Leading medical institutions nationwide choose LiveData when they need comprehensive perioperative workflow solutions. LiveData's solutions have been used in over a million surgeries, enabling organizations to improve situational awareness, communication, patient safety, and workflow efficiency. When you need clear, real-time updates on surgical scheduling, you can trust LiveData's solutions. Request a demo today to begin improving your perioperative experience.

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