How PeriOp Manager Analytics Performs Surgical Workflow Analysis

PeriOp Manager Analytics automatically collects detailed real-time perioperative data from LiveData PeriOp Manager™. PeriOp Manager Analytics offers advanced data visualization tools that empower leaders to quickly analyze data, gain workflow insights, and make informed decisions that enhance performance.

High-level overviews allow leaders to identify patterns in data gathered via Livedata's surgical patient flow management system such as:

  • Surgical capacity and planning - Case counts, block utilization, case scheduling accuracy, and case duration
  • Surgical efficiency - First case on-time start, preop milestones, turnover, and case delays
  • Patient safety - Compliance with Briefing, Timeout, and Debriefing checklists 


The Benefits of Operating Room Analytics

PeriOp Manager Analytics turns real-time data into actionable insights that empower leaders to improve workflows, safety, and their organization's bottom line. Leaders can leverage advanced data visualization tools to identify improvement opportunities, assess KPIs, and share information with other stakeholders.

PeriOp Manager Analytics also offers advantages such as:

  • Simplified data collection: LiveData's analytics solution gathers and formats your perioperative data in one platform for easy, cost-effective analysis. You can reduce the cost of ownership with a single platform and eliminate the exporting, formatting, and importing processes required to compile data from multiple sources.
  • Improved accuracy: PeriOp Manager Analytics automatically collects data, reducing errors associated with double documentation and data entry. It establishes a trusted data repository that gives leaders accurate and valuable insights into perioperative workflows.
  • Faster analysis: You can analyze performance information within hours instead of weeks with PeriOp Manager Analytics. The automatic data flow from other LiveData modules and existing systems eliminates time-consuming manual data entry processes
  • Greater flexibility: PeriOp Manager Analytics provides greater flexibility than static reports. You can filter the data better to understand KPI details such as throughput and block utilization to optimize them.

Why Choose LiveData for Block Utilization Analytics?

Surgery departments and institutions nationwide have experienced significant improvements to various KPIs after integrating LiveData's solutions into their workflows. From block utilization and on-time starts to scheduling accuracy and cancellations, KPIs can improve with LiveData's cloud-based real-time logistics solutions providing accurate and accessible data.

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