Jan 11 2024

Healthcare Generative AI and Data - 2024 HealthIT Predictions

Healthcare IT Today asked its community to submit their predictions. Jeff Robbins weighs in what 2024 has in store.

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Dec 20 2023

When Did You Last Update Your Surgeon's Preference Card?

Maintaining a steady workflow is critical for surgeons and their patients. Preference cards are one of the most common tools to keep surgical teams organized and running smoothly.

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Nov 02 2023

Maximizing surgical excellence: Strategies for attracting top surgeons

A 2021 report by the Association of American Medical Colleges projects shortages of 15,800 to 30,200 in all surgical specialties by 2034. Driven by various factors, including the growing healthcare needs of an aging population, an aging surgical workforce—with many surgeons and nurses nearing retirement—and limited capacity in medical and nursing...

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Sep 11 2023

The benefits of improved hospital and clinic scheduling workflows | Viewpoint

As surgical procedures become more complex with new tools and technology, surgeons and perioperative staff are increasingly expected to manage complicated workflows and larger workloads. Hospitals have the opportunity to optimize surgical scheduling and empower surgeons with a balanced workflow to help them use their block time more efficiently.

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Sep 01 2023

Rebuilding Healthcare With Enhanced Hospital Efficiency And Patient Care

Hospitals and healthcare professionals have been through an unparalleled test worldwide over the past few years. As the strain on resources and personnel continues to impact hospital efficiency and patient care, it is essential to address the challenges head-on and find innovative solutions for improved outcomes.

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