Feb 23 2017

Assessing, scheduling with surgical precision

Paige Patterson, RN, BSN, House Supervisor at University of Colorado Health (UCH), says what she and her clinical colleagues really want when they go to work is “a reliable, positive patient and caregiver experience.”    That’s probably the primary goal of practically every other clinician working in a healthcare facility as well — but reaching...

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Oct 03 2016

LiveData Launches PeriOp Planner Real-Time Solution To Plan, Visualize, And Analyze Surgical Scheduling

LiveData, Inc . has introduced  LiveData PeriOp Planner, a web-based solution that synchronizes surgical scheduling by visually coordinating the patient’s steps from first referral through scheduled surgery. With PeriOp Planner, patients will be prepared for surgery, and last-minute cancellations will be avoided. Hospitals can accurately track and...

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Apr 01 2016

Take over your makeover: Sweet suite renovation

Integrated, hybrid, smart. Those are the buzz words used to describe today's most cutting edge operating rooms (ORs). As minimally invasive surgery and interventional procedures continue to emerge the surgical suite is evolving also with innovative features to support the clinicians performing them. To attract and retain the best surgeons and...

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Feb 01 2016

Interoperability in the Perioperative Suite: Promise and Reality

In recent years, hospitals have made great strides in the adoption of electronic health records (EHR).

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Jan 26 2015

Workflow Management Systems in Healthcare: Complex Interventions

It is no secret that many of today’s best hospitals are still enmeshed in implementing and fine-tuning new, enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) systems.

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