How OR-Schedule Board Helps You on the Day of Surgery

LiveData OR-Schedule Board provides a dynamic real-time view of the day’s surgical caseload, automatically adjusting and displaying case start and end times throughout the day using real-time case workflow monitoring. Interactive drag-and-drop tools enable the OR Manager to reschedule or cancel cases and clinical staff assignments to optimize resources and OR utilization. Providers can view updated schedules monitors throughout the perioperative suite or on secure workstations to update care teams, streamline turnovers, and improve on-time starts. In addition, OR-Schedule Board can predict which rooms will be running at 3, 5, 7, and 9 PM to reduce unplanned overtime and proactively manage the end of the day for perioperative teams.

Why Choose LiveData's OR-Schedule Board?

OR-Schedule Board enables perioperative teams to manage each day’s events in real-time so that the impact of delays, cancellations, and resource constraints can be mitigated. It provides visibility into surgical scheduling so that OR managers can maximize surgical capacity while maintaining patient safety and promoting staff satisfaction. OR-Schedule Board enables perioperative teams to experience benefits such as:

  • Optimized OR utilization: OR-Schedule Board provides transparency into OR utilization, allowing managers to organize and maximize rooms for optimal efficiency.
  • Improved on-time starts: Managers can reassign cases to other ORs in real time as conditions dictate to ensure rooms, patients, and staff are ready simultaneously.
  • Reduced unplanned overtime: With predictive insight into which rooms will run throughout the day, managers can arrange cases to decrease overtime and maximize team member availability.
  • Enhanced communication: Unlike legacy whiteboards, OR-Schedule Board stays up-to-date automatically and in real-time, making the most accurate view of the day’s progress accessible to all team members throughout the perioperative suite.
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How LiveData Can Improve Perioperative Workflows

LiveData's cloud-based real-time workflow solution empowers hospitals, surgery centers, and clinicians nationwide to run more surgical cases daily, on time, and with existing scheduled staff for maximum efficiency and resource utilization. Our solution enhances situational awareness and improves perioperative workflows that result in millions of dollars of incremental revenue, improved patient safety, and greater patient and staff satisfaction.

Why Choose LiveData?

We have worked with several leading surgical institutions to create effective scheduling workflow solutions that benefit perioperative processes, staff members, and patients. You can trust us to understand your organization's unique complexities and meet your surgical operational demands.

Family Waiting Board works within LiveData PeriOp Manager™ to help streamline your processes and improve communication. Our scheduling workflow solutions enhance patient and staff satisfaction, increase your bottom line, improve efficiency, and offer greater scheduling success within the perioperative suite.

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