Benefits of LiveData's Surgical Dashboard

OR-Dashboard provides access to current details, enabling surgical teams to experience advantages such as:

  • Streamlined efficiency: With key patient information displayed for all team members to see, call-outs, interruptions, and distractions are minimized for optimized efficiency. The board minimizes distractions and interruptions to keep teams focused.
  • Enhanced communication: Clear, safe surgery checklist tasks and accessible patient data enable surgical teams to communicate candidly and without reservation.
  • Saved time: Because surgical teams can easily update patient records in the OR in real-time without a keyboard or handwritten notes, they can avoid double documentation.
  • Improved accuracy: OR-Dashboard improves the accuracy of time-stamped events, allowing team members to easily input data with a click and know the data is conveniently entered into the EHR.
  • Increased staff satisfaction: Streamlined surgical workflows increase surgeon and staff satisfaction with more on-time starts and less unplanned overtime.
  • Additional safety: Completing safe surgery checklists increases patient safety compliance and reduces risks of never events.

Why LiveData's Solutions Are the Optimal Choice for Improving Perioperative Efficiency

LiveData's cloud-based real-time capacity optimization solution empowers hospitals, surgery centers, and clinicians nationwide to perform more cases daily, on time, safely, and with existing scheduled staff for maximum efficiency and resource utilization. Our solution enhances situational awareness and improves perioperative workflows, resulting in millions of dollars of incremental revenue, improved patient safety, and greater patient and staff satisfaction.

Experience Perioperative Workflow Benefits With LiveData

LiveData has the workflow solutions your perioperative teams need to increase safety and efficiency within the OR. Request a demo today to see how our solutions can simplify your workflows and empower your surgical teams.

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