LiveData PeriOp Planner™

LiveData PeriOp Planner™ optimizes surgical capacity by providing clinic schedulers with curated access to the hospital’s surgical schedule. It allows schedulers to uncover opportunities to schedule cases into time slots they previously didn’t know were available. With real-time access to the surgical schedule, clinic and hospital schedulers avoid the back-and-forth negotiations that often occur via phone, fax, text message, and email.

By modernizing scheduling workflows, PeriOp Planner helps:

  • Identifies opportunities: With a curated view of the hospital's surgical schedule, clinic schedulers can identify and claim open OR time in which to schedule cases that were previously hidden from their view
  • Improve efficiency: Streamlined communication through PeriOp Planner saves time and effort for staff members, boosting their productivity and job satisfaction
  • Enhance surgical experiences: PeriOp Planner ensures patients are better prepared for their surgeries and that surgical teams can deliver the highest quality of care
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LiveData Patient Flow™

LiveData Patient Flow™ integrates patient pre-op status into perioperative workflows, providing real-time updates so that perioperative teams can monitor the patient's pre-op progress to avoid delays and cancellations due to incomplete workups. It automates the check-in and check-out process and shares real-time patient data with other LiveData display boards. For example, Patient Flow generates the HIPAA-compliant identification number for each patient used by LiveData Family Waiting Board™.

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LiveData PreOp Board™

LiveData PreOp Board™ provides an operational view of patients being prepared for surgery, including OR readiness. For each case, PreOp Board displays patient, procedure, staff, and operating room status, along with patient preoperative care milestones. Clinical staff has better situational awareness to complete the necessary prerequisites for surgery more effectively, ensuring patients and operating rooms are ready for surgery simultaneously. This helps better manage resources and improve on-time starts.

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LiveData Family Waiting Board™

LiveData Family Waiting Board™ is a HIPAA-compliant display for public areas to help families track the progress of their loved ones as they move through the surgical process. This automatically updated, reliable source of patient status information helps relieve families’ anxiety and answer their questions about patient status, leaving hospital staff to focus on other tasks.

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LiveData Mobile Messenger

PeriOp Mobile Messenger alerts surgeons when their first case of the day is delayed or canceled so they can plan their arrival at the hospital accordingly. It can also provide updates directly to waiting family members’ mobile devices.

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LiveData OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time Out

LiveData OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time Out integrates patient information from the EHR, anesthesia systems, and physiological monitoring devices to provide a continuously updated, real-time view of the surgical case from OR setup through the surgical procedure to OR turnover. On a large screen in the operating room, OR-Dashboard guides the team through case workflow using a handheld, untethered clicker to capture milestones in real time. In addition, OR-Dashboard includes Active Time Out, a patent-pending electronic surgical safety checklist recognized by The Joint Commission as a best practice to improve surgical safety and enhance surgical team communication.

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LiveData OR-Schedule Board™

OR-Schedule Board™ provides a dynamic real-time view of the day’s surgical caseload, automatically adjusting and displaying case start and end times throughout the day using real-time case workflow monitoring. Interactive drag-and-drop tools enable the OR Manager to reschedule or cancel cases and clinical staff assignments to optimize resources and OR utilization. Providers can view updated schedules monitors throughout the perioperative suite or on secure workstations to update care teams, streamline turnovers, and improve on-time starts.

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LiveData PeriOp Manager Analytics™

PeriOp Manager Analytics™ transforms real-time operational data from the PeriOp Manager applications into intuitive, actionable data on surgery quality, compliance, and performance without exporting, formatting, and collating data from multiple sources. Users can explore data by service, operating room, and case to reveal patterns and associations that enable them to optimize throughput and block utilization, leading to greater efficiency.

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Surgeon Preference Cards

Optimize preoperative planning with Digital Surgeon Preference Cards from PREFcards™. Seamlessly integrating with LiveData PeriOp Manager™, these digitized cards equip surgical teams with increased efficiency, superior preparation, and cost control.

These preference cards are simple to update, customizable for each surgeon, and easily accessible by surgical staff and enable surgical centers to better manage case carts, control inventory, and maintain overall efficiency

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Here's what our clients are saying

“A tried-but-true management adage is that you cannot improve what you don't measure. Real-time data and automated analytics give us the tools we need to learn more about our processes so that we can continually improve our services."

Associate Chief of Staff for Perioperative Services and Chief of Surgery

VA Medical Center

"This product is a unique and essential element in achieving the desired improvements in team communication, workflow, and patient safety. Providing notifications are procedures to ensure compliance with best practices, OR-Dashboard is a dramatically easier and more accurate way to meet SCIP and Joint Commission protocols for time out and other patient safety procedures."

Chairman of the Department of Surgery

Community Hospital

"Effective team communication and real-time access to patient data are important functions in operating rooms. Adding new technology to our existing resources that will keep everyone on the same page will be an invaluable asset."

Associate Executive Director

Academic Medical Center

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