PreOp Board's Capabilities as a Patient Tracking System

PreOp Board provides staff with situational awareness to more effectively complete the necessary prerequisites for surgeryWith a dynamic view of the preoperative environment, teams can quickly and clearly interpret pre-op patient statuses to identify and prioritize the tasks needed to ensure patients are prepared for surgery. With visibility into OR readiness, staff align patient preparedness with OR availability to maximize resources and improve on-time starts.

Advantages Gained With PreOp Board

PreOp Board provides increased transparency and greater situational awareness. Staff can see which tasks they must prioritize to ensure patients are ready for their surgeries on time. They also track, manage, and optimize OR capacity easily, matching prepared patients with available resources and rooms for more prompt starts. Stable, visible, and automatically updated preoperative workflows offer benefits including:

  • Streamlined efficiency: Having real-time insights into patient readiness and available resources empowers teams to monitor patient pre-op progress, complete tasks, and reduce delays and cancellations
  • Greater flexibility: PreOp Board increases OR visibility, providing actionable information that enables preoperative teams to re-assign resources and optimize surgical workflows for increased efficiency.

Why Leading Hospitals Choose LiveData

LiveData's cloud-based, real-time workflow solutions fuel case volume growth, improve capacity, automate real-time data capture, create transparency with real-time data, and ensure compliance with safe surgery checklists for hospitals nationwide. 

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