Digital Surgical Preference Card Features

LiveData's scheduling workflow solutions support integrated cloud-based surgeon preference cards from PREFcards™. These digitized preference cards are clear, accurate, and thorough, eliminating waste, confusion and errors often associated with illegible, outdated, or damaged paper cards.

These cards offer features such as:

  • Customization: Surgeons and preoperative teams can customize preference cards to meet each surgeon's unique specifications and surgical needs. LiveData’s preference cards can even include photographs of each table and room setup to aid identification.
  • Flagging: A digital preference card can flag expensive items to help preoperative teams manage resources and reduce waste.
  • Simplified updating: Preoperative teams can quickly update their digital preference cards to meet new or changing needs.


The Benefits of Digital Preference Card Management

Using digital surgeon preference cards makes building, managing, and updating these helpful tools to align with evolving surgeon or preoperative needs easy. Digital preference cards are also readily accessible across devices, improving workflow efficiency.

Digital preference cards offer other advantages, too, such as:

  • SPD case cart management: Accessible, up-to-date preference cards allow for appropriate SPD case cart management, ensuring they are accurate and prepared for the procedure.
  • Inventory control accuracy: Concise and accurate cards improve inventory management by reducing supply returns, increasing time savings, enhancing workflow efficiency, and decreasing procedure charge errors.
  • Case cost certainty: Digital preference cards lead to lower costs by increasing case cost accuracy, and they also assist with reducing waste and maximizing resources for optimal cost savings.
  • Staff satisfaction: Updated preference cards decrease the time staff members need to search for the right surgical supplies, and easily accessible inventory can help improve efficiency and patient safety.
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How LiveData Improves Perioperative Workflows

With the experience of over a million surgeries, LiveData knows what it takes to enhance perioperative workflows. Our solutions are designed to increase case volumes, enhance situational awareness, and improve surgical efficiency. LiveData has helped hospitals, surgical centers, and clinicians across the country improve their perioperative processes by giving them the solutions they need to maximize resources, simplify communication, and ensure patient safety.

Our cloud-based real-time workflow solution focuses on improving efficiency and safety, so these surgeon preference cards are a valuable addition to any perioperative environment. 

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