Apr 18 2024

Overcoming Real-Time Data Integration Challenges to Optimize for Surgical Capacity

In the healthcare industry, surgical capacity management is one of the biggest issues organizations face. Hospitals and surgery centers must be efficient in handling their resources. The margins are too small for waste, and there are too many patients in need of care. Data, particularly real-time data, is an essential asset. But it is only useful...

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Mar 05 2024

Triad of Modernizing Healthcare: genAI, Interoperability, and Advanced Operational Systems

Healthcare institutions have found themselves compelled to achieve greater efficiency amid financial constraints. Simultaneously, healthcare leaders acknowledge prioritizing patient-centered care and staff contentment. Read how three healthcare technology concepts underscore the transformative impact of generative AI, interoperability, and...

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Feb 22 2024

Optimizing Surgical Scheduling: Enhancing Efficiency And Patient Safety

The modern healthcare environment has highlighted the growing significance of efficient surgical scheduling. LiveData's Aileen Killen explains how optimizing surgical scheduling enhances OR efficiency without sacrificing patient safety.

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Jan 11 2024

Healthcare Generative AI and Data - 2024 HealthIT Predictions

Healthcare IT Today asked its community to submit their predictions. Jeff Robbins weighs in what 2024 has in store.

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Nov 02 2023

Maximizing surgical excellence: Strategies for attracting top surgeons

A 2021 report by the Association of American Medical Colleges projects shortages of 15,800 to 30,200 in all surgical specialties by 2034. Driven by various factors, including the growing healthcare needs of an aging population, an aging surgical workforce—with many surgeons and nurses nearing retirement—and limited capacity in medical and nursing...

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