Sep 11 2023

The benefits of improved hospital and clinic scheduling workflows | Viewpoint

As surgical procedures become more complex with new tools and technology, surgeons and perioperative staff are increasingly expected to manage complicated workflows and larger workloads. Hospitals have the opportunity to optimize surgical scheduling and empower surgeons with a balanced workflow to help them use their block time more efficiently.

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Sep 01 2023

Rebuilding Healthcare With Enhanced Hospital Efficiency And Patient Care

Hospitals and healthcare professionals have been through an unparalleled test worldwide over the past few years. As the strain on resources and personnel continues to impact hospital efficiency and patient care, it is essential to address the challenges head-on and find innovative solutions for improved outcomes.

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Jul 26 2023

LiveData PeriOp Planner Adds Support for Women’s Services

Surgical workflow solutions developer LiveData has added support for women’s services to its LiveData PeriOp Planner software. This new feature is expected to allow women’s services staff to have real-time access to their hospital’s schedule.

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Jul 05 2023

Three Key Benefits for Hospitals with Real-Time OR Data

Systems for managing electronic hospital records (EHR) are critical for recording, storing, and protecting patient data. However, these systems fall short when real-time data is needed, such as in the surgical department. Relying on time-consuming data entry by busy operating room (OR) staff, EHR systems alone cannot capture and share the level of...

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Jun 26 2023

How Safe Surgery Checklists Enhance Surgical Care

Safe surgery checklists are evidence-based, standardized lists of items that healthcare teams should complete before, during, and after a surgical procedure. This checklist allows teams to document the actions they take and verifies that the surgery team is following safety protocols.

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