A Comprehensive Perioperative Product Suite

LiveData's solutions bolster surgical safety with dynamic checklist displays and real-time data capture, fostering team-wide visibility and reducing surgical errors. View the full LiveData Periop Manager Suite to learn more about the capabilities we enable for your surgery center.

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Perioperative Management

Livedata's product suite allows you to navigate complexities and optimize your perioperative workflow without compromising patient safety. Learn more about how our perioperative management solutions can revolutionize resource efficiency.

Surgical Scheduling

Discover how LiveData can transform your scheduling processes for improved resource allocation, staff satisfaction, and patient outcomes. Read more about our real-time scheduling solutions, tailored for heightened efficiency and profitability. 

Block Time Utilization

Take control of your OR's block time utilization. LiveData's solutions facilitate surgical efficiency, patient safety, and overall performance. Discover how we enhance block time utilization to grow case volumes, create capacity, and reveal improvement opportunities. 

Patient Flow Management

Maximize patient throughput and capacity management with LiveData. Explore the potential of your operational efficiency and the satisfaction of your staff and surgeons. LiveData helps manage patient flow to increase block utilization and ensure consistent patient satisfaction.

Operating Room Integration

Consolidate your Operating Room data with LiveData. Augment your perioperative suite's workflow through our powerful system of engagement. LiveData’s scheduling workflow solutions simplify complex processes for better patient and staff experiences.

Patient Safety & Data Capture

Elevate patient safety and data accuracy with LiveData's solutions. See how LiveData assists with patient safety and data capture through surgical safety checklist automation and real-time data collection with the end goal of reducing never events and streamlining data capture for surgical reporting. 

Surgical Operative Reporting

 Livedata's solutions streamline documentation processes to aid in the creation of comprehensive record of patient care. Learn how to attain superior accuracy and consistency in surgical operative reporting today.

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