Patient Safety Challenges

Hospitals follow patient safety checklists to ensure patient well-being and safety throughout the surgical experience. Several challenges can arise when completing checklists, including poor communication, disengaged participants, increased workload for the circulating nurse, and incomplete checklists.


How Hospital Teams Benefit From Livedata's Surgical Safety Solution

Rather than on a piece of paper only visible to the person reading the checklist, OR-Dashboard™ With Active Time Out® displays safe surgery checklists on a wall-mounted monitor for the entire team to see.

After the timeout, the wall-mounted monitor continues to provide situational awareness by displaying key patient information from the EHR, anesthesia system, and other biomedical devices in the OR.  At a minimum, simplifying input of important milestone data and automating EHR integration helps keep data current and eliminates double documentation.

Hospitals using LiveData OR-Dashboard with Active Time Out–identified as a best practice by the Joint Commission–experience greater surgical safety because the obstacles that prevent teams from performing explementary time outs have been eliminated. 

OR-Dashboard provides key information about surgeries delivered in real-time, with appropriate detail, and communicated simply, making situational awareness the cornerstone of your surgical timeout approach.

live data-dashboard

Data Capture Challenges

Another challenge in the OR is the accurate recording of surgical timing events (wheels in, first incision, close, etc.). Often, important milestones go unrecorded, entered from memory after the case is completed, or scribbled on gloves to be added “when there is time.” 


How Hospital Teams Benefit From Our Data Capture Solution

LiveData’s innovative data capture approach ensures that surgical event milestones are recorded in real-time and shared with the EHR. LiveData PeriOp Manager Analytics also ingests the data to uncover, identify, and target opportunities to improve performance.

OR-Dashboard with Active Time Out’s one-click data capture eliminates hand-written notes, relying on the circulating nurse’s memory or having the circulating nurse run back and forth to the documentation station.

Learn How LiveData Helps With Patient Safety

Trust LiveData when you need comprehensive scheduling workflow solutions that enable your hospital teams to complete surgical safety checklists quickly and accurately. As your organization prioritizes safety checklists, you can increase patient safety and enhance patient and staff satisfaction. Request a demo today to see our solutions in action within your organization.

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