Challenges With Operating Room Scheduling

Improving operating room (OR) scheduling workflows focuses on maximizing resources, staff availability, and OR readiness so hospitals can accommodate as many cases as possible while meeting patient safety needs. Balancing various demands and ensuring optimal efficiency can be challenging.

The main coordination issues schedulers face when striving to optimize surgical schedules include:

  • Surgeon requests: Surgeons have complex surgical plans and timelines they must communicate to schedulers to ensure smooth workflows that increase patient and staff satisfaction.
  • Staffing requirements: Schedulers must balance staff specialties with their availability for efficient time use and optimal work-life balance.
  • Capacity issues: Over- and under OR utilization can result in greater stress for surgical teams, lost revenue, and delays in patient care.
  • Communication: Schedulers need effective strategies to improve schedule visibility and inform surgical teams of last-minute delays or cancellations.
  • Patient satisfaction: Delays due to scheduling mistakes or oversights can lead to frustration and patient safety risks.

How LiveData's OR Efficiency and Scheduling Solutions Benefit Hospital Teams

LiveData's scheduling workflow solutions and surgical data displays offer several advantages to staff, surgeons, and hospital business leaders including:

  • Increased surgical capacity that maximizes efficiency and block utilization
  • Improved decision-making with clearer views of surgical scheduling 
  • Reduced delays and cancellations with more on-time starts
  • Optimized staff schedules that reduce downtime and unplanned overtime
  • Eliminated double documentation of case milestones and safe surgery checklists

Staff, surgeons, and schedulers experience less stress because our scheduling workflow solutions simplify and optimize surgical scheduling needs. With greater scheduling accuracy and visibility, hospitals can eliminate inefficiencies that cost time and money to increase revenue and improve patient care.

Experience Better Operating Room Scheduling With LiveData

Improving your hospital's efficiency and profitability is simple and easy with LiveData's scheduling workflow solutions. PeriOp Manager provides the organization, accessibility, and visibility your hospital needs to enhance patient and staff satisfaction. Ready to transform your scheduling processes? Request a demo today.

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