How LiveData Helps With Systems Integration in the OR

LiveData offers a cloud-based, surgical optimization management solution that enables hospital teams to experience effective OR integration between health records and the workflow of your operating room. Our solutions are reliable, secure, and user-friendly to improve patient and staff satisfaction.

Our suite of solutions includes:


LiveData OR Dashboard™ with Active Time Out®


OR Dashboard displays consolidated biometric data captured during surgery on a wall-mounted monitor, allowing each team member to stay updated on patient progress. Active Time Out enables surgical teams to work through the safe surgery checklists to ensure compliance and optimal procedural safety. A handheld “clicker” makes capturing case milestones easy and more accurate.


LiveData OR Schedule Board™


OR Schedule Board shows a dynamic view of surgery progress on monitors throughout the perioperative suite. OR managers can easily manage resources and schedules to ensure efficient workflows that benefit staff, surgeons, and patients.

live Data- Preop

LiveData PreOp Board™


Staff can improve situational awareness with PreOp Board's clear view of patient readiness. Teams can prioritize tasks to ensure patients are ready, leading to streamlined, on-time starts, improved OR utilization, and workflow efficiency.

Challenges OR Systems Integration Helps Mitigate

Operating rooms are complicated environments with several moving components to account for, from staff and resource availability to patient readiness and safety. OR systems integration can empower hospital teams to manage complex needs and challenges, such as:

  • Inefficient workflows: Without OR integration, hospitals are left with manual scheduling processes, disconnected devices, and slow communication pathways. OR integration increases efficient workflows to reduce delays, waste, and scheduling confusion
  • Risk management: OR integration ensures surgical safety checklists are completed to increase patient safety
  • Communication: Schedule and resource availability is essential within the perioperative suite. OR integration provides the visibility surgical and administrative teams need to communicate and adapt to changes quickly and clearly.
  • Inadequate documentation: Organizations working without OR integration risk documentation inaccuracy and more work for the circulating nurse. OR integration increases documentation ease, accuracy, and accessibility for better patient outcomes.
live data-dashboard

Those Who Benefit From LiveData's System of Engagement

LiveData's scheduling workflow solutions enhance OR integration to benefit everyone in the surgical environment, including:

  • Surgeons: LiveData's various scheduling solutions enable surgeons to communicate their needs and collaborate with staff to ensure patient safety and satisfaction.
  • Staff: Our scheduling workflow solutions reduce stress on staff members, empowering them to focus more on patient care.
  • Patients: With more scheduling efficiency, patients receive care sooner and more conveniently.

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