LiveData RTI Server-Healthcare Edition

mskLiveData RTI Server- Healthcare Edition is the technological foundation for all LiveData's healthcare products. A real-time data integration engine, LiveData RTI unifies disparate systems—medical devices from diverse vendors, hospital information systems, in-house applications and data structures—and delivers real-time data streams to visual applications like LiveData OR-Dashboard™ for synthesis and display.

LiveData RTI is designed for maximum flexibility, scalability, and reliability, using an object-oriented approach that leverages broad-based IT and industry-specific standards.Supported Protocols

Interoperability and Supported Protocols

LiveData communicates with medical devices and health information systems using standards-based protocols where available, including such technologies as:

  • HL7 2.X and 3.X,
  • Web Services
  • IEEE/ISO 1073/11073 Point of Care Medical Device Communication standard

Our long experience with a variety of networking protocols like TCP/IP, OSI, and ICCP give us deep expertise in applying standards-based networking and interprocess communications to the medical domain.

The RTI engine also has a rich scripting environment that facilitates easy integration with the APIs of all other applications. Providing secure, transparent access to key information systems, LiveData RTI alleviates the need for additional interface adaptors and does not disrupt the integrity of such other systems as Epic OpTime, McKesson, Eclipsys, and Picis.

Medical Standardization Initiatives

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LiveData is actively involved in initiatives dedicated to standardization of medical devices, including:

  • IHE PCD : IHE Patient Care Device  
  • MD PnP:  Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" Interoperability Program

In the IHE Connectathon, LiveData successfully completed testing as the Device Observation Consumer in the IHE Device Enterprise Communication Profile, successfully interoperating with a variety of vendors, including Philips, GE, Draeger, BBraun, and Welch Allyn.

Notice of Intended Use

LiveData, Inc. does not intend for LiveData RTI Server-Healthcare Edition to be used for active patient monitoring, controlling or altering the functions or parameters of any medical device, or any other purpose relating to data obtained directly or indirectly from a medical device other than the transfer, storage, and conversion of such data from one format to another in accordance with preset specifications.