Hospitals Leverage LiveData Workflow Technology to Benefit Women’s Health Services

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--LiveData, a surgical workflow software company, announced the addition of support for women’s services to its LiveData PeriOp Planner™. By providing women’s services staff with curated, real-time access to their hospital’s schedule, schedulers can find available times to perform elective procedures. Streamlining the scheduling process leads to improved workflows; increased efficiency; and greater patient, surgeon, and staff satisfaction.

For patients needing cesarean or induced deliveries, PeriOp Planner extends the workflow efficiencies to labor and delivery rooms. The patient’s steps are visually coordinated from their first referral through preparation to scheduling the procedure, better-preparing patients, hospitals, and staff.

“We believe that women who need to schedule C-sections or inductions will benefit from the more efficient workflows PeriOp Planner provides,” said Jeff Robbins, CEO of LiveData. “For hospitals, those efficiencies translate to improved business results.”

Efficient scheduling ensures patient safety and satisfaction during maternity care. By carefully optimizing workflows, a hospital can minimize delays, optimize resources, and provide expectant mothers with high-quality care, ultimately enhancing their well-being and overall experience.

The company’s LiveData PeriOp Manager™ solution — composed of PeriOp Planner, Patient Flow™, Family Waiting Board™, PreOp Board™, OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time Out®, OR-Schedule Board™, and PeriOp Manager Analytics™ — simplifies scheduling and provides real-time data on patient progress and operational status throughout the patient’s journey to improve communication, streamline workflows, empower clinical teams to deliver the best care, and improve the hospital’s financials.

About LiveData

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, LiveData, Inc. is a leading provider of surgical workflow solutions for operational efficiency and patient safety in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. LiveData has been selected to Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work in Healthcare list for four consecutive years and named a Forbes Small Giant: One of the Top 25 Best Small Companies in 2019. For more information, please visit and follow the company on LinkedIn.

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