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Rising healthcare costs, patient expectations for personalized experiences, and employee fatigue are driving industry-wide changes toward modern systems of engagement and streamlined operational processes.

LiveData PeriOp Manager for Salesforce Health Cloud creates a comprehensive perioperative system of engagement for hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs) to plan, coordinate, and analyze surgical workflows throughout the entire patient journey. Leading Trailblazers are using Salesforce Health Cloud with LiveData PeriOp Manager to improve cancellation rates, first case on-time starts, block utilization, and number of daily surgical cases — increasing the contribution margin by millions of dollars per surgery center.

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LiveData PeriOp Manager for Salesforce Health Cloud enables high-performance clinical teams to complete more surgeries per day with the same staff and resources, providing millions of dollars of incremental margins, along with increased patient safety.

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Integration with Salesforce Health Cloud extends the power of LiveData PeriOp Manager beyond the surgery department to complex care team coordination along the entire patient journey, leveraging Salesforce’s extensive CRM capabilities, treating the patient as the customer.

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Fully integrated with Health Cloud and EHRs, LiveData PeriOp Manager provides the most comprehensive real-time logistics solution designed for clinicians to optimize surgical workflows.

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A System of Intelligence including LiveData AI and Salesforce Einstein can be used to spot opportunities, predict outcomes, and develop recommendations based on accurate, real-time clinical data.

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“Integrating LiveData PeriOp Manager with Salesforce Health Cloud enables clinical teams to collaborate around the patient’s surgical journey,” said Ashwini Zenooz, MD, SVP Healthcare and Life Sciences at Salesforce. “Working together, LiveData and Salesforce put the surgical patient at the center of care and deliver an exceptional patient experience.”

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