LiveData OR-Dashboard™ with Active Time Out®

LiveData OR-Dashboard with Active Time Out integrates patient information from hospital medical records, anesthesia record keepers (ARKs) or anesthesia information management systems (AIMS), and physiological monitoring devices with automated surgical workflow to provide a continuously updated, real-time view of the surgical case from OR setup through procedure to OR clean. Displayed on a large screen in the operating room, OR-Dashboard guides the team through case workflow including Active Time Out, an electronic surgical safety checklist, and automatically documents the case.

  • Improve surgical safety with electronic surgical time outs
  • Reduce never events and wrong site surgeries
  • Improve surgical efficiency and quality
  • Enhance surgical team communication


Notice of Intended Use
LiveData, Inc. does not intend for LiveData RTI Server-Healthcare Edition to be used for active patient monitoring, controlling or altering the functions or parameters of any medical device, or any other purpose relating to data obtained directly or indirectly from a medical device other than the transfer, storage, and conversion of such data from one format to another in accordance with preset specifications.



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“A tried-but-true management adage is that you cannot improve what you don’t measure. Real-time data and automated analytics give us the tools we need to learn more about our processes so that we can continually improve our services.”

Associate Chief of Staff for Perioperative Services and Chief of Surgery
VA Medical Center

“This product is a unique and essential element in achieving the desired improvements in team communication, workflow, and patient safety. Providing notifications and procedures to ensure compliance with best practices, OR-Dashboard is a dramatically easier and more accurate way to meet SCIP and Joint Commission protocols for time out and other patient safety procedures.”

Chairman of the Department of Surgery
Community Hospital

“Effective team communication and real-time access to patient data are important functions in operating rooms. Adding new technology to our existing resources that will keep everyone on the same page will be an invaluable asset.”

Associate Executive Director
Academic Medical Center