Miami VA Healthcare System Adds LiveData PeriOp Planner to Streamline Patient Access to Surgical Care

DSS Integrates LiveData PeriOp Planner with VistA To Improve Perioperative Workflow

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Jan. 5, 2018 ‒  LiveData, Inc. today announced that the Miami Department of Veterans Affairs healthcare facility has added LiveData PeriOp Planner™ to the medical center’s LiveData PeriOp Manager™ workflow solution. PeriOp Planner is a web-based solution that front-ends and synchronizes surgical scheduling enhancing the patient’s journey from surgical consultation through preoperative steps to the scheduled day-of-surgery. LiveData partner Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS) integrated PeriOp Planner with existing solutions and installed it in clinic offices and OR suites.

PeriOp Manager integrates patient information and perioperative case workflow to allow visual management both by the patient’s clinical team, as well as by other caregivers throughout the VA Healthcare System. With PeriOp Planner, clinic staff can track and remind patients to complete labs or consults prior to surgery, or determine if anticipated surgical dates need to be changed. Hospitals and operating room schedulers can easily view and search patients’ preoperative work plans to improve case forecasting, fill surgical blocks, and identify potential cancellations. 

“We implemented LiveData PeriOp Manager to streamline clinical workflows and improve access to surgical care for our veterans in the Miami area,” said Dr. Seth A. Spector, Chief of Surgery, Miami VA Healthcare System. “With the addition of PeriOp Planner, patients arrive at medical centers prepared for surgery, and last-minute delays and cancellations are avoided.” 

The U.S. Veterans Health Administration (VHA) initiatives to improve surgical outcomes inspired leadership at the Miami VA Healthcare System to use technology-enabled solutions to improve patient safety, care quality, and operational efficiency. As part of these initiatives, in 2013, the Bruce W. Carter VA Medical Center started implementing LiveData PeriOp Manager in all of its operating rooms to automate case workflow, surgical safety checklists, and integrate patient data with VistA. Since that time, their implementation of LiveData healthcare technology has continued to expand. 

"We can give no greater tribute to our Veterans than to pursue continued excellence in the VHA health care system," said Mark Byers, President and CEO of DSS. "LiveData PeriOp Manager serves an essential role in automating perioperative workflow to improve surgical efficiency and patient safety in the VistA environment." 

“PeriOp Planner enables VA hospitals to make the most effective and efficient use of their surgical resources by helping patients prepare for surgery and perioperative staff optimize use of operating rooms,” said LiveData President and CEO Jeff Robbins. “Automating surgical scheduling helps the VA achieve their surgical capacity and planning goals.” 

LiveData PeriOp Manager

LiveData PeriOp Manager is a real-time workflow automation solution that coordinates and manages the patient’s care on his or her journey through surgery. From preoperative assessments through surgery to discharge, PeriOp Manager helps surgical teams improve communication, patient safety, and operational efficiency. 

LiveData PeriOp Manager’s suite of operational intelligence solutions includes: 

  • PeriOp Planner: a scheduling workflow solution that visually coordinates the patient’s steps from surgical consultation through preparation to scheduling.
  • Patient Flow: a patient check-in process integrated into perioperative workflow tracking.
  • PreOp Board: a single, dynamic, operational view of patient status and perioperative case workflow confirms that the necessary prerequisites for surgery are completed in time to ensure consistent on-time starts.
  • OR-Dashboard: a display of patient information, visible to the entire surgical team, integrating data from hospital medical records and physiological devices with automated surgical workflow and patient safety information, including Active Time Out, a real-time, interactive surgical safety checklist.
  • OR-Schedule Board: a real-time view of the day’s surgical cases, enabling scheduled procedures to be adjusted as the day unfolds to reduce unnecessary cancellations, staff overtime, and to improve overall patient throughput.
  • Family Waiting Board: a HIPAA-compliant display designed for public areas that enables families to track the progress of their loved ones as they move through the surgical process.
  • PeriOp Manager Analytics: a comprehensive big data analysis, transforming real-time operational data into actionable quality, compliance, and efficiency intelligence.

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