LiveData Introduces PeriOp Cloud, Bringing Faster Deployment and Lower Costs to Users of OR Workflow Solution


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept 19, 2017 – LiveData, Inc., a leader in real-time integration and display technology for healthcare, today introduced a hosted version of LiveData PeriOp Manager™, the leading automated workflow solution for the perioperative suite. Available by subscription, LiveData PeriOp Cloud™ delivers the complete suite of workflow modules and reduces the cost of ownership, time to implement, and IT burden and resource constraints.

LiveData has deployed its technology in hospitals throughout North America, playing a leadership role in advancing perioperative efficiency and patient safety. The company’s flagship product, LiveData PeriOp Manager coordinates patient flow, patient care, and related resources from preoperative assessment to discharge, in real time. PeriOp Manager streamlines OR throughput and promotes full compliance with CMS, The Joint Commission, and other critical patient safety mandates. 

The new cloud offering allows LiveData to securely manage data collection, aggregation, storage, real-time display, and reporting of surgical case information without the need for hospital or surgical center IT teams to manage the server resources of the solution. 

“PeriOp Cloud provides a convergence of operational and business benefits,” said LiveData CEO Jeff Robbins. “It reduces the total cost of ownership, streamlining both implementation and management. And, just as with our on-premises version, it runs in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment that safeguards the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data.” 

“An additional benefit of a hosted solution,” Robbins said, “is that LiveData network operations center (NOC) support experts monitor system operations and clinical usage, enabling them to proactively manage and optimize performance. Real-time operational data also informs our development teams as they tailor product roadmaps to meet customer needs.” 

LiveData PeriOp Cloud integrates real-time data with workflow automation to coordinate and manage patient care from preoperative assessments through surgery to discharge. The full suite of integrated, perioperative workflow modules are securely delivered to clinical and administrative staff, including: 

  • PeriOp Planner: a scheduling workflow solution that visually coordinates the patient’s steps from surgical consultation through preparation to scheduling.
  • Patient Flow: a patient check-in process integrated into perioperative workflow tracking.
  • PreOp Board: a single, dynamic, operational view of patient status and perioperative case workflow confirms that the necessary prerequisites for surgery are completed in time to ensure on-time starts and reduce unnecessary rescheduling or cancellations.
  • OR-Dashboard: a display of patient information, visible to the entire surgical team, integrating data from hospital medical records and physiological devices with automated surgical workflow and patient safety information, including Active Time Out, a real-time, interactive surgical safety checklist.
  • OR-Schedule Board: a real-time view of the day’s surgical cases, enabling scheduled procedures to be adjusted as the day unfolds to reduce unnecessary cancellations, staff overtime, and to improve overall patient throughput.
  • Family Waiting Board: a HIPAA-compliant display designed for public areas that enables families to track the progress of their loved ones as they move through the surgical process.
  • PeriOp Manager Analytics: a comprehensive, interactive analytics tool, transforming real-time operational data into actionable quality, compliance, and efficiency intelligence.

 PeriOp Cloud provides secure access on a range of internet devices.

 About LiveData

LiveData, Inc. is a leading innovator in real-time operational intelligence solutions that enable caregivers to plan, visualize, and analyze the patient’s surgical journey. Leading medical institutions, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, and Veterans Health Administration facilities have selected LiveData solutions to improve patient safety, team communication, and perioperative efficiency. LiveData is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. For more information, visit

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