Increasing Perioperative Workflow Efficiency


LiveData enables hospitals to:

  • Automate and standardize patient safety processes

  • Improve OR throughput

  • Reduce staff overtime, downtime and rescheduling

  • Optimize the use of operating rooms, shared devices, and other scarce resources

Inefficiencies occur when communications are fragmented, unavailable or ill timed, and processes become disjointed and ineffective. Closing the gap between people, processes, and IT systems, LiveData solutions coordinate surgical patient care and OR throughput in real-time.

describe the imageLiveData PeriOp Manager and LiveData OR-Dashboard provide real-time visibility into perioperative workflow and automated patents-pending patient safeguards.

Caregivers can effectively manage and assume accountability for their own activities; and administrators are able to quickly gain insight into where and when workflow bottlenecks are liable to occur.