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LiveData PeriOp Manager

LiveData PeriOp Manager™ synchronizes perioperative workflow throughout the entire perioperative suite to create an optimal care environment for staff and patients alike. Coordinating patient flow, patient care, and related resources from preoperative assessment to discharge in real-time, PeriOp Manager streamlines OR throughput and promotes full compliance with CMS, Joint Commission and other critical patient safety mandates.

PeriOp Manager's wall, workstation, and bedside computer displays, mobile notifications, and performance metrics fully equip perioperative departments to achieve patient safety and operational efficiency objectives. Caregivers can effectively manage and assume accountability for their own activities; and administrators are able to quickly gain insight into where and when workflow bottlenecks are liable to occur.

All PeriOp Manager modules — OR-Schedule BoardOR-DashboardFamily Waiting BoardPreOp Board, and OR-Checkpoint — are based on LiveData RTI-Healthcare Edition. RTI is a flexible real-time system that allows hospitals to implement modules as one comprehensive system or on an incremental basis, with the option to seamlessly add modules as the need arises.


  • Improves the ratio of operative to nonoperative time

  • Improves surgical performance

  • Enhances communication and situational awareness

  • Increases operational efficiency, leading to patient and staff satisfaction

  • Optimizes use of operating rooms, surgical teams, shared devices, and other scarce resources


  • Web-native, intuitive displays — located where visibility into surgical workflow is critical

  • Patents-pending patient safeguards, covering CMS core measures, Joint Commission safety goals, and other patient safety mandates 

  • Automated workflow and patient care alerts sent via email and text message

  • LiveData Performance Metrics to meet CMS and other compliance scorecards 

  • Integration with new or existing RTLS to fulfill its unrealized potential