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LiveData OR-Dashboard with Active Time Out

describe the imageOR-Dashboard™ is LiveData's patient safety solution for keeping all members of the surgical team fully focused on the patient. It integrates patient data from hospital electronic medical record (EMS) systems and physiological devices with automated surgical workflow and patient safety processes.

The display presents a comprehensive, continuously updated view of the surgical case from setup to closing, making essential information on the patient and procedure always readily available. It also actively helps the team meet Joint Commission and CMS mandates with reminders, electronic checklists, and other real-time tools for facilitating best practices.

Providing full situational awareness and embedding patient safeguards, OR-Dashboard equips nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists and OR technicians to work more effectively as a team and achieve full compliance with patient safety protocols.


  • Reduce surgical errors and near misses

  • Improve surgical team engagement and communications

  • Develop real-time visibility into case workflow

  • Reinforce and measure compliance to maximize reimbursements

  • Enhance patient and staff satisfaction

  • Enrich the hospitals safety, quality, and leadership reputation


  • Active Time Out: Interactive, automated method for performing the Surgical Safety Checklist

  • Clinical performance metrics: Automated monitoring and reporting of safety and workflow protocols

  • SCIP: Real-time Surgical Care Improvement Project audit

  • Notifications: For workflow and patient safety protocols