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or checkpoint laptop resized 600OR-Checkpoint™ is the standalone version of OR-Dashboard's Active Time Out feature. As an electronic solution, OR-Checkpoint automates the Surgical Safety Checklist, enabling the surgical team to perform the full Surgical Safety Checklist from a laptop, iPad, or other device and document concurrently.


  • Displays each checklist—Sign In, Time Out, and Sign Out—at the appropriate point in the surgical process.

  • Automatically displays the information being verified – ensuring that information is reviewed and eliminating the need to search for missing information 

  • Presents up-to-the-minute information for increased safety

  • Automatically sends the completed checklist to the nursing record, eliminating the need to double document (optional feature)

  • Automatically prints out all surgical safety checklists upon completion

  • Automatically archives data, providing a foundation for performance metrics