LiveData Healthcare Solutions

LiveData designs solutions to improve patient safety, operational efficiency, and staff satisfaction in the perioperative suite. LiveData combines real-time data integration with perioperative workflow automation to equip surgical departments to meet today's key challenges:

  • Reduce surgical complications

  • Increase OR throughput

  • Fully comply with patient safety mandates
    (Joint Commission, SCIP, CMS, DNV, WHO, Leapfrog, etc.)

Promoting effective teamwork by dynamically aligning people, processes, and systems, LiveData solutions provide a solid foundation for developing and refining practices that eliminate the type of disjointed communication that leads to adverse events, OR bottlenecks, and ineffective Time Outs.

Hospitals can implement one comprehensive system with PeriOp Manager to cover the entire surgical suite or can implement individual LiveData products and solutions on an incremental basis, with the option to seamlessly add new ones as the need arises.


Notice of Intended Use

LiveData, Inc. does not intend for LiveData RTI Server-Healthcare Edition to be used for active patient monitoring, controlling or altering the functions or parameters of any medical device, or any other purpose relating to data obtained directly or indirectly from a medical device other than the transfer, storage, and conversion of such data from one format to another in accordance with preset specifications.