Supported Healthcare Interfaces

LiveData has developed an extensive library of medical device and hospital information system interfaces. In addition, the library includes interfaces to supply chain management systems, authentication systems, audio-visual systems—to all systems found in hospitals today. A sample of interfaces in the LiveData library are listed below. Please contact LiveData for more details.

Hospital Information Systems

  • Epic OpTime
  • GE Ormis
  • McKesson HSM (Horizon Surgical Manager), PHS and PT Systems
  • Cerner SurgiNet 
  • Picis OR Manager
  • Meditech Magic Operating Room Management
  • OMNI Nursing Documentation
  • Surgical Information Systems (SIS)
  • Cerner CoPath Pathology System
  • Misys Healthcare Labs System
  • Siemens Invision ADT system
  • iMDsoft MetaVision
  • Philips CompuRecord Anesthesia Information System
  • Picis Anesthesia Manager
  • Numerous Proprietary Hospital Information Systems

Medical Devices

  • GE Physiological Monitors (GE 3000, 4000, 8000, 8000M, 9500, etc.)
  • Philips Physiological Monitors (Intellivue MP40, MP50, MP60, MP70, MP90, etc.)
  • Aspect Medical A-2000 BIS Monitor
  • Drager Anesthesia Systems (Apollo, Fabius GS, etc.)
  • GE / Datex-Omeda Anesthesia Systems (Aestiva/5, etc.)
  • Harvard Clinical Infusion Pumps
  • Karl Storz Insufflator (CO2 insufflation of abdomen)
  • Karl Storz Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System
  • Stryker Instrumed Tourniquet Pump
  • Hospira SEDLine Series

Other Systems

  • Applied Logic Abacus Tray Tracking System
  • Authentication Services (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.)
  • Crestron Control Systems (AV, room and software control)
  • eGate Middleware (AV, room & software control)
  • Image Stream Medical Video Management System
  • Interfaces to GE and Amicas PACS Systems using DICOM
  • Karl Storz Endoscopy and Audio Visual Systems
  • Olympus Endoscopy and Audio Visual Systems
  • Parco Wireless Tracking System
  • Radianse Indoor Positioning System
  • Rivulet Communications, Inc
  • Virage Video Logging and Editing System

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