LiveData RTI Technology

rti architecture captionsLiveData RTI is based on a scalable three-tier architecture with a high-performance, real-time data engine at its core. It’s designed for maximum flexibility, scalability and reliability using an object-oriented approach that leverages industry standards.

The LiveData RTI engine is built on a bi-directional, model-driven architecture, which is optimized for manipulating high volume, real-time data flows.

Data Storage (optional)

For applications that require historical reporting or more sophisticated data management functions such as archiving, recovery and rollback, LiveData RTI supports industry standard relational database management systems (RDBMS) from Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, SAP and others, using native drivers to ensure high performance.The RDBMS may be co-located on the LiveData RTI server, or distributed for higher performance. 

RTI Engine

RTI is able to support tens of thousands of devices simultaneously. It includes the widest array of data interfaces available, and supports industry standards such as SOAP, XML, XSLT, HTML, HTTP, SQL, ICCP, COM, .NET, OPC, RS-232. RTI supports read, write and bi-directional communication modes, schema-based data definitions and emerging meta-model languages such as BPEL.


RTI applications contain data and device definitions coupled with business process logic. They can range from simple data routing applications that bring real-time data instantly to the required device (or client), to sophisticated analytic workflows that include business process logic and complex statistical calculations. End-users can modify existing LiveData RTI applications or create their own custom applications using popular scripting languages such as Python, VBScript, JavaScript or Perl.

Presentation Clients

Interactive client applications such as web-based dashboards and sophisticated visualization tools can be created using any number of standard technologies, including HTML, C++, C#, Java and Visual Basic.

LiveData RTI includes web portal templates that provide a unique approach to bringing real-time data directly to standard browsers. No plug-ins are required – LiveData RTI’s web portal interface eliminates the need to download Java applets or ActiveX objects and struggle with resulting security issues. LiveData RTI web portal templates leverage browser-side XML processing and enable customers to easily customize views of any given page depending on user, group, or role.