Welcome to LiveData Corporate

LiveData is a leading innovator of real-time data integration and display technology. Bridging the gap between people and technology, LiveData solutions continuously monitor, synthesize, and respond to highly complex, multi-faceted processes in real time, spanning a broad mix of distributed devices, diverse vendors’ systems, protocols, and databases. Completely non-intrusive, LiveData technology leverages all available and relevant resources without compromising existing operational systems.

LiveData serves customers in the electric power and healthcare industries as well as state and local governments. We provide expert guidance, application integration, full installation, custom development, and training. Always prepared to meet new integration challenges, LiveData works directly with end users, industry experts, and integration partners around the world to continue creating innovative real-time solutions.

In 2014 LiveData, Inc. established LiveData Healthcare and LiveData Utility Solutions to better meet the specific needs of our healthcare and utility customers.

LiveData Utilities

LiveData’s expertise in MMS (Manufacturing Message Specification) led LiveData engineers to take a significant role in the development of ICCP/TASE2 (Inter-Control Center Protocol). ICCP became the de facto standard worldwide for communication between control centers in the electric power sector, propelling LiveData's prominence in that industry. LiveData Utilities remains a leading supplier of real-time data solutions to utility companies around the world.

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LiveData Healthcare

In 2004, LiveData was selected to join the CIMIT Operating Room of the Future (ORF) project at Boston's Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and received a U.S. Army Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) award to fund the pioneering development project.  Successful work on ORF led to the development of  LiveData OR-Dashboard, an application of real-time data integration for operating rooms. 

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