LiveData SmartGrid Manager

smartgrid pcLiveData SmartGrid Manager™ delivers the final layer of intelligence to next-generation utility networks. It enables your enterprise to optimize asset performance, maximize efficiency, and transact effectively and safely in real-time markets.

SmartGrid Manager provides a real-time global view of all electric power grid assets, web-driven tools for configuring dashboard views, and secure handling of bidirectional data flow. 

With SmartGrid Manager, your enterprise is well equipped to:

  • Quickly and easily recognize failure of any type

  • Generate alerts as soon as failure is detected

  • Geographically report power and telemetry loss

  • Manage power flow and energy on the supply side

  • Generate routine reports on overall performance and specific events

  • Integrate and monitor overall health of and communications between EMS, SCADA, OMS, GMS and load balancing sysems

  • Present operational data to senior managers anywhere through an executive web portal

  • Perform real-time calculations and transformations on data being passed from source to sinks

  • Monitor multiple LANS in a single facility

  • Generate alerts when a potential cyber attack is detected

  • Reduce the complexity of adding and removing points

Underlying SmartGrid Manager is LiveData RTIpackaged with all necessary interfaces and protocols.