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PreOp Board

periop wallPeriOp Manager provides a dedicated PreOp module with large-screen wall and workstation displays to provide staff with full situational awareness.

Serving as a dynamic checklist, the PreOp Board presents a single operational picture for quick assimilation of the day's perioperative case workflow. With continually updated information readily accessible, caregivers are able to assume responsibility over their workload and prioritize their activities effectively.

For each case, the PreOp display shows patient/procedure/staff and OR room readiness, as well as the following patient milestones:

  • describe the imagePatient Of/Off Floor
  • Antibiotic Status
  • H&P Complete
  • Consent
  • Site Marked
  • Circulator RN Visit
  • Lab Status
  • IV Status
  • Nurse Assessment
  • Patient Ready for OR