PACU Dashboard at Massachusetts General Hospital

The MGH Best Practice Pod Project

mgh pacuLiveData and Massachusetts General Hospital collaborated on the development of a dedicated PACU Dashboard for the Best Practice Pod Project. A direct outgrowith of the ORF project, The Pod project focused on faciliting a smooth surgical experience for the patient and maximizing OR efficiency.


Designed to to help reduce the level of uncertainty in the PACU and facilitate hand-offs, PACU Dashboard structured and automated the flow of crucial information about incoming patients from the OR.

The dashboard proved to be greatly appreciated by PACU staff. Project results showed that PACU Dashboard equipped the recovery team to:

  • Better anticipate incoming patient needs

  • Manage hand-offs more effectively

  • Deploy resources and allocate staff more effectively

About PACU Dashboard

LiveData PACU Dashboard is an intuitive display, requiring no training to use. It automatically gathers information about incoming patients from LiveData OR-Dashboard and displays it on a large monitor in the PACU—giving the recovery team easy access to a continuously updated snapshot of what is occuring in the OR.

LiveData works with hospitals to map out what fields of information are essential for display in their particular PACU, and tailors the software to meet the unique needs of small, medium, or large units. Typical information included on the display includes:

  • Operating room number

  • Patient identifiers

  • Procedure

  • Patient Information: type of anesthesia administered, isolation status, fluid output (blood and urine), body temperature, allergies, special needs

  • Operative milestone: such as induction, surgery start, emergence

  • Milestone timers: showing elapsed time since milestone start

  • Anesthesia, nursing and surgical personnel working in the OR

To learn about implementing a PACU Dashboard for your hospital, contact LiveData.