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LiveData at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

An important partner in OR-Dashboard's early development, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) implemented OR-Dashboard in all 21 ORs of its new surgical suite in 2006.

MSKCC collaborated with LiveData to expand OR-Dashboard's features, including integration of pathology specimen data, while LiveData was developing the dashboard for the Massachusetts General Hospital ORF project. Since initial deployment, MSKCC continues to collaborate with LiveData and implement OR-Dashboard's latest features and functionality. 


OR-Dashboard: In Step with OR Workflow

  Surgical care begins with the patient.

And continues with nurses, surgeons, anesthesiologists, pathologists ...

Effective patient hand offs and team communication require the right information at the right time.

Enter LiveData.

The moment the patient checks in for the operation, LiveData begins capturing all relevant information from such systems as OR scheduling and patient records.

From that point on, it follows the patient’s transition through surgery: case setup, time out (safety pause), intraoperative, closing.

LiveData functions automatically—the OR team carries on work as usual, without interruption.

  case setup

As clinicians arrive to set up the OR, LiveData OR-Dashboard™ already shows key facts about the patient and operation—patient allergies and team members in the room, for example—on a wide screen for all to see.

It also displays a window specific to preparation. Case Setup includes information about supplies, blood availability, surgeon preferences, special equipment.




When the patient arrives, Time Out replaces Case Setup. Physiological data and trends appear as clinicians begin to connect various monitors.  

Information for assisting the team with their safety pause remains on LiveData OR-Dashboard until the procedure is completed. 


When surgery officially begins, LiveData OR-Dashboard displays Intraop.

 At one glance, clinicians see:

  • State of fluids
  • Blood availability
  • Other important patient data




When the procedure is finished, LiveData OR-Dashboard displays Closing. 

It shows counts and related safety checks.

A PACU bed assignment appears as soon as it’s available. 


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LiveData OR-Dashboard provides a case report to accompany the patient to the PACU.



Surgery is over, but the OR-Dashboard information remains in the hospital's archives.


 Photos by Richard DeWitt, Courtesy of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center