LIveData and Medical Device Interoperability

LiveData is actively involved in initiatives dedicated to interoperability and standardization of medical devices, including:

  • IHE PCD : IHE Patient Care Device  
  • MD PnP:  Medical Device "Plug-and-Play" Interoperability Program

IHE joins together healthcare professionals and industry to improve the way computer systems in healthcare share information. IHE Patient Care Device (PCD) domain was formed in 2005 to address the integration of medical devices into the healthcare enterprise, from the point-of-care to the EHR, potentially resulting in significant improvements in patient safety and quality of care. 

The CIMIT MD PnP Interoperability Program leads the evaluation and adoption of open standards and technology for medical device interoperability. Until this goal is met, LiveData  works with MD PnP to provide intermediary solutions.

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