Complying with SCIP Guidelines

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LiveData PeriOp Manager and LiveData OR-Dashboard include patents-pending patient safeguards for ensuring compliance with Surgical Care Improvement Project (SCIP) mandates. LiveData solutions provide:

  • Full visibility into SCIP-related activities in the OR and across the perioperative suite

  • Real-time dashboard tools for monitoring and facilitating compliance with SCIP (see below)

  • Real-time mobile alerts on SCIP processes, to avoid potential omissions and errors

  • Real-time reports, performance metrics, and compliance scorecards to identify problem areas and sustain improvement 


OR-Dashboard SCIP Tools

scip sm

Dedicated workflow panel

antibiotic reminder

Prompt: administer antibiotic prior to surgery 

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Display of antibiotic data
Timer antibiotic timer

antibiotic warning

Reminder: missing documentation

About SCIP: The Surgical Care Improvement Project sets specific guidelines to help hospitals reduce the incidence of postoperative surgical site infections, perioperative cardiac events, deep vein thrombosis, and postoperative ventilator-associated pneumonia, all of which have been identified as major contributors to surgical complications.

As part of the Value-Based Purchasing Program (VBP) and other initiatives, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) uses SCIP guidelines, among others, to measure the quality of hospital care. SCIP compliance therefore impacts hospital reiumbursement opportunities as well as surgical outcomes.


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July/August 2012

"Outperform the Competition: 
Hospital Value-  Based Purchasing"

By Jeffrey Robbins

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