Generation Management

LiveData delivers secure, bi-directional, real-time data flows between generation plants and control center Energy Management Systems, and interfaces with critical components of the distribution smart grid for reliable and timely generation management.

With LiveData RTI and SmartGrid Manager, customers can fully monitor the health of their generation system and optimize asset performance.

Customer Examples

CMS Energy:

  • Fulfills regulatory and communication requirements in the MISO market

  • Provides full MISO backup functionality -- automatically connects to MISO MUI XML during MISO ICCP interruptions

  • Enables generating plants to exchange, display, and report MISO ASM participation data and plant operation data

  • Geographically reports power and telemetry loss on the supply side

  • Delivers a real-time global view of all electric power grid assets

  • Provides additional reporting integration for steam data

  • Simplifies adding and removing points

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Public Service of New Mexico:

  • Transparently integrates and delivers data across diverse systems and protocols

  • Delivers central control of generator operation

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