LiveData Protocol Server iccp, modbus, dnp3, iso

describe the imageLiveData Protocol Server™ is for decision makers who do not need the full power of LiveData RTI Server and whose needs are limited to a few protocols. 

Using an object-oriented approach, LiveData Protocol Server:

  • Supports bi-directional communication, directing control functions back to intelligent devices

  • Captures, models and delivers real-time data flows across tens of thousands of devices

  • Preserves all data attributes

  • Provdes exceptionally fine time resolution and sychronization

  • Supports industry protocol standards, including DNP3, ICCP, Secure ICCP, and MultiSpeak

  • Supports proprietary protocols, including Modbus, Modbus Plus, PG&E, and Allen-Bradley

Product Benefits

  • Real-Time: Designed from the ground up for bi-directional, real-time data integration from disparate data sources.

  • Reliable: Proven reliability in mission-critical, 24/7 applications such as power system management and utility compliance monitoring.

  • Flexible: Data flows can be created and modified to suite an implementation's requirements.

  • Scalable: Supports any combination of data sources, data sinks or other LiveData servers. Optimizes read requests and merges separate requests when the data source is busy.

  • Easy-to-Use: Extensive out-of-the-box features for rapid creation of user-friendly applications.

  • Economical: Replaces multiple complex and expensive middleware products such as message brokers and message buses.

  • Standards-Based: Easily and seamlessly connects to any data device.

  • Secure: Integrates into existing security platforms like LDAP or Active Directory.