RTI Datasheet

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LiveData RTI Server

LiveData RTI Server™ provides a complete platform for delivering real-time data to monitor and manage power generation, transmission, and distribution systems around the world. Known for reliability and precision, LiveData RTI Server collects, transforms, and delivers real-time data flows—from tens, thousands, or hundreds of thousands of points—to diverse systems. LiveData RTI Server is designed to be used as a standalone system for real-time asset management; or as an efficient, non-instrusive way to integrate real-time physical data —such as SCADA, ICCP— directly into an already existing enterprise-wide information system, without requiring custom interface programming.

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Summary of Capabilities and Benefits

Bi-directional Real-Time Data Flow

  • For communication between any intelligent device, application, and IT system, including RCCS Centrallized Capacitor Control applications, Meter Estimation and Validation System, SCADA, SPL Outage Management systems, ISOs, control center Energy Management Systems, DCS systems...
  • Provides a gateway to energy and reserve markets by serving as the key linkage between generation plant systems and ASMs (ancillary service markets)

Real-time Monitoring

  • For rapid response to quickly changing, complex combinations of operational and IT conditions

  • Bridges the gap between real-time operations and IT systems by bringing together all information relevant to a given situation

  • Supports distribution and outgage management

  • Supports generation management

Comprehensive Protocol Support

  • For ensuring seamless bi-directional data flow between all major utility protocols: DNP3, SOAP, ICCP, Secure ICCP .NET and MultiSpeak…

  • For ensuring seamless bi-directional data flow between all propriety protocols: such as Modbus, Modbus Plus, PG&E, and Allen-Bradley…

  • Eliminates the need for multiple costly and intrusive custom user-interfaces

Easy, Economical Installation

  • Full installation is quick and easy, entailing minimal cost

  • Provides a cost-effective system for managing current and future upgrades—new applications are deployed in record time

Powerful and Flexible Development Environment

  • For dramatically speeding up real-time application development and implementation

  • Supports leading scripting languages and development environments, including Python,VBScript, JavaScript, Perl and .NET

  • Built-in functions provide a broad range of data operations, including polling, queuing, flow control, event handling, time stamping, on-the-fly batching, and database connection retry

  • Makes real-time data management “point and click” configurable

Visualization / Custom Data Screens

  • For developing displays of the current state of complex situations via highly graphic, continuously updated, web-based dashboards.

  • Graphic interfaces integrate easily with your web portal of choice

  • Monitor virtually any activity for which data is generated—from any web-enabled device: PC, laptop, PDA with web browser and access to the organization's intranet…


  • For storing real-time data with precise time synchronization to recreate and analyze operations and events

  • Supports simultaneous archiving of tens, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of data streams. LiveData RTI Server supports standard SQL access and portal-based querying

  • ODBC driver and SOAP interface enable programmatic access by any third-party application

  • Includes a standards-based data storage structure that implements advanced data compression techniques, and supports RAID, SAN and NAS storage solutions from leading storage system vendors