LiveData in Electric Power

LiveData solutions are the trusted choice for hundreds of electric power utilities across the world. Our products continuously monitor, synthesize, and respond to highly complex, multi-faceted processes in real-time, spanning a broad mix of distributed devices, diverse vendor systems, protocols, and databases.

LiveData understands the applications that monitor and control operations—SCADA, DCS, EMS, OMS; and how to flow data to and between them, across all major public and proprietary protocols: Inter-Control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP per IEC60870-6 TASE.2), OPC, DNP3, IEC 61850, Modbus, Allen-Bradley, PG&E, etc.

LiveData provides a complete platform for supporting:

LiveData software is non-intrusive, robust, and time-tested, leveraging available and relevant resources without compromising existing operational systems.