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CMS Deploys Energy Smart Grid Project

Remote Magazine

Co-authors Michael D. Zola, VP-Energy, LiveData, Inc., Edward Bride, Editorial Consultant
The article describes how CMS Enterprises chose to manage their smart grid with a state-of-the-art LiveData  solution that included LiveData's RTI technology and SmartGrid Manager.


ICCP Implementation for Distributed Control Systems

LiveData, Inc. 
Richard Lee, Public Service Company of New Mexico; Dr. HongZhi Cal, Invensys Process Systems;  Alan Beard, Invensys Process Systems; Jeff Scott
Inter-Control Center Protocol (ICCP) has typically been provided as a data connection method between SCADA Energy Management Systme (EMS) control centers. This paper reviews implementations of ICCP for the Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM), which provides communications between generating plants using Disributed Control Systems (DCS) and a central Energy Management System (EMS).


Integrating TIBCO Business Works with an ICCP-based system using LiveData®

TIBCO Software Inc.
Stephanie R. Beack
This whitepaper discusses a project in which one of the key requirements was to integrate the TIBCO environment with a customized Energy Management System (EMS) that runs on a Siemens proprietary database.  As there was no available API or common interface, the only real-time way into the system was via an international standard called Inter-Control Center Protocol (ICCP IEC 60870-6-503; IEC 60870-6-802).


 The Integration Hub Concept: Integrating Electric Utility "Best of Breed" Applications

LiveData, Inc. 
Co-authors/Co-Presenters: Ronald C. Murphy, Jeffrey Robbins, Xcel Energy North
This paper describes the successful application of an Integration Hub that was installed at XcelEnergy North to integrate a centralized capacitor bank control application with real-time feeder and capacitor bank information, as well as with capacitor asset information.

The LiveData  ICCP Server: A Configuration-Driven ICCP Solution that Minimizes Code Development

LiveData, Inc. 
The LiveData ICCP Server is an ICCP processor, which can function as a standalone ICCP node or can enable the easy addition of inter-control center communications protocol (ICCP) capabilities to new and existing SCADA, EMS, and DCS systems.