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LiveData Electric Power Partners

Advanced Control Systems

Now EFACEC-ACS, the company develops mission critical real-time computing applications.


Enables the real-time, continuous management of critical processes, including mobile workforce, outage and network management. 

Eliop, S.A.

Delivers integration solutions to Brazil using LiveData ICCP.


The largest Portuguese organization in the field of electromechanics and electronics, with a strong presence in different international markets.

InStep Software

InStep Software is a leading provider of real-time performance management and predictive analytics software solutions for the utility, oil and gas, water management and manufacturing industries.

Invensys Process Systems

Industry-leading brands include Foxboro, Triconex, and Avantis, providing automation and optimization of delivery operations. 


The leading integrator of Supervision Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) for utilities in Australia and the Asia-Pacific.

Oracle Utilities


PlantVision AB

Delivers software applications for customer care and billing, enterprise asset and work management, outage management, mobile workforce management, and distribution management.

Scandinavia┬┤s leading consultant for realizing operational improvement. PlantVision is a reseller of LiveData products in the Nordic countries.

S&C Electric

Re-sells LiveData products as part of their award-winning WinMon Distribution Automation System.


A reseller of LiveData Protocol Server (ICCP Server) software as part of their SCADA system