Intelligent Bidirectional OMS Integration

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Distribution and Outage Management

For effective distribution and outage management, LiveData provides customers with a solution for:

  • Flowing data between SCADA and Outage Management systems, and to central control room display

  • Collecting and presenting statewide power outage information

  • Calculating key performance indicators 

Customer Examples

Xcel Energy North: 

  • Provides a front end to all real-time SCADA needs

  • Allows operators to select VAr and Voltage Control at all levels, with automatic voltage override while on VAr control

  • Logs all alarms, both operational and error, in one place

  • Enables visual (vs. text) representation of feeder as well as user view (and secured control) outside the control center

  • Enables filterable reporting, generating Load Profile reports, data export capability, data archiving, and database linkage between capacitor system of record and the control system

  • Allowed the company to meet an ambitious schedule for implementing a centralized control capacitator


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    Northeast Utilities: 

    • Diagnoses data flow issues across vendors

    • Provides on-site talent for facilitated communication and sped integration

    • Zero problems on initial live connection, performing to spec


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