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LiveData customers are Fortune 500 companies, two of the top ten hospitals named by US News & World Report – Massachusetts General Hospital and NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Center – and world renowned Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. Companies such as Xcel Energy, Southern Company, and J.P Morgan are represented among the hundreds of electric power customers LiveData serves across the world. LiveData customers...


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LiveData Healthcare has prepared a special instant poll for OR Manager 2015. Submit your response to this quick, three question survey and see how other OR Managers have responded!




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Miami VA Healthcare System wins Patient Safety Project of the Year
Health Data Management names Analytics All Stars

VA Miami used OR-Dashboard to automate case workflow, surgical safety checklists, and integrate patient data with VistA. Using real-time data analysis, VA Miami increased surgical safety checklist compliance: Sign-in 89 percent, Time Out 95 percent, and Debrief 82 percent. First case on-time starts, improved to 82 percent. 

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