SmartGrid Manager

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Central Communications Hub

Implementing a comprehensive LiveData real-time integration solution creates a Central Communications Hub—one efficient, effective, and economical solution for:

  • Consolidating real-time communication between disparate technologies / protocols / SCADA

  • Integrating best of breed applications, including Centralized Capacitor Control software

  • Capturing and delivering real-time data to the Meter Estimation and Validation System

  • Accommodating all existing and future connections

  • Performing real-time calculations and transformations on data being passed from source to sinks

  • Delivering load information to energy traders

  • Presenting operational data to senior managers anywhere, through an executive web portal

  • Providing a graphical interface for configuring and reviewing data flows

  • Reducing the complexity of basic configuration, such as adding and removing points


Customer Example: Duquesne Light